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True gamers will understand the importance of VR as it provides a truly fantastic and immersive gaming experience. Due to which we continuously see people searching for the best Virtual Reality games.

In this article, we will shed light on the upcoming best virtual reality games of 2021.

5 Best VR Games of 2021

Here is the list of best virtual reality games of 2021:

1.    Hitman 3:


Hitman 3 has topped our list of VR games for 2021 due to its dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination Trilogy. It can take players to a globetrotting adventure of sprawling sandbox locations. You will witness the return of agent 47 as a ruthless professional for his entire life’s most important contracts.

The best thing about Hitman 3 is that every mission location is carefully designed and is full of creative opportunities. It will make sure that players will have the supreme freedom to complete their tasks. Moreover, they will get a reaction to whatever they do. To make its experience more real, developers have used Glacier technology, which provides players unparalleled choices.

Players can incorporate their first and second games into Hitman 3 as it is the final entry of World of Assassination. In simple terms, it will offer a much bigger gaming experience than the previous two versions.


  • It will be released in January 2021.
  • Developers of Hitman 3 are IO Interactive.
  • It is compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox series X, Google Stadia, box One, and PC.
  • Its price will be $59.99.

2.    Far Cry 6:

Far Cry 6 VR GAMES OF 2021

Far cry 6 is the sixth installation of the Far Cry series and will tell the story of a dictator named Anton Castillo. Therefore, players have to play the role of a freedom fighter to control the country and free it from the dictator’s rule. Although this game is set in the present day, it will look like the 1960s.

The main reason behind this is because Yara, the island where the game is set, has been frozen in time since then. So, everything in the game from weapons to vehicles and background will be from the 1960s period. It is an upcoming first-person shooter game.

Far Cry 6 is one of the best virtual reality games for PS4. The role of the player in the game is much more like a guerilla fighter. 


  • It will be released on 18 February 2021.
  • Developers of Far Cry 6 are Ubisoft Toronto.
  • It is compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox series X, Google Stadia, and Xbox One and PC.
  • Its price will be $59.99.

3.    GhostWire: Tokyo

Ghost Wire Tokyo VR GAMES OF 2021

The next name on the list is Ghostwire: Tokyo, a new game for Tango Gameworks. It is an action-adventure game from the developers of The Evil Within. By having a brief look at its trailer, I am sure you will immediately fall in love with this game.

The game took place in Tokyo, where people mysteriously vanished, and the player has to find out why. Apart from action, this game also caters to other genres beautifully, like paranormal entities, supernatural events, the occult, and conspiracies. So keep in mind that this game is going to be pretty creepy.

Although there is not much information about the game at this moment, we can clearly guess from its cinematic trailer that it will be hit.


  • Its exact release has not been announced yet, but it will release somewhere in 2021.
  • Developers of Ghostwire: Tokyo are Tango
  • For now, Ghostwire: Tokyo is PS5 exclusive; however, after some time, it may be coming to other systems like Xbox X. however, there is no information regarding its PC version.
  • There is no information regarding the price of the Ghostwire: Tokyo.

4.    The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Game

The Lord of rings VR GAMES OF 2021

The very first thing you will notice about The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Game is that it looks like a cartoony version of the virtual reality games star war Vader Immortal. So, get ready to immerse yourself in an exciting experience. The main focus of the game is on the gaunt ring-obsessed creature, Gollum.

It is an action-adventure game from the famous German studio Daedalic Entertainment, famous for point-and-click adventure games. Moreover, the game will note from The Lord of the Rings book, not from the movie. So, it will be a little different from the movie version.

Get ready for an exciting experience as there might be a prison break kind of element in the game. Moreover, it is a clever timeframe to set the game.


  • It will be released sometime in 2021.
  • Developers of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Game are Daedalic
  • It will release on PC and all relevant consoles, and since then, it is confirmed to be a next-gen title, meaning it will launch on PS5, Xbox, and Xbox series X.
  • There is no information regarding the price of the game as of now.

5.    Horizon Forbidden West:


The last VR game for 2021 we have on our list is the Horizon Forbidden West. It is a long and highly anticipated sequel of the Horizon Zero Dawn. Developers of the Horizon Forbidden West are trying to make a perfectly detailed world with a new location called which players have to explore.

Due to the fact that it is a PlayStations flagship exclusive; thus, we cannot imagine that it will lag too far behind the PS5 Holiday launch. With the help of PS5 SSD, there will be no virtual loading screens. Once you boot up the game, you will be right there in action.


  • It is scheduled to release in 2021.
  • Developers of Horizon Forbidden West are Guerrilla Games.
  • At least for a start, it will be a PS5 exclusive and will release only on PlayStation. However, maybe after some time, it will get a PC release as well.

Final Words:

Game lovers wait desperately for the new sequels of their favorite games and other exciting games. So, we have tried to mention the five best upcoming VR games of 2021 in this article.

Let us know If you have any questions or suggestions about VR Games of 2021. Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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