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After The Fall vr game
After The Fall vr game

2021 is here. Many people were anxiously waiting for this New Year, mainly for two reasons – Covid vaccine and delayed virtual reality games releases.

Although the former is somehow achieved successfully, game releases are still a big question mark. We’ve already seen what happened to Cyberpunk 2077. Sometimes it’s OK to let these games delay.

Just like these mainstream games, the VR games sadly had to delay their release in 2020 too. The good news is that these virtual reality games might also get a chance to be played this year.

I am here today to discuss the 3 most anticipated VR games in 2021 and all about them.

  1. Lone Echo II

Lone Echo II

Lone Echo II

The developers of the award-winning sci-fi game “Lone Echo” are back with a bang. However, their ‘bang’ has been long-awaited as this game’s second instalment sees constant delays since 2019.

Lone Echo II is one-of-its-kind science fiction games where you get to experience deep space and its horrors. Instead of developing a new game, the developers “Ready at Dawn” decided to make a sequel with a broader storyline and an iterative approach.

Lone Echo II has two main characters – Captain Liv Rhodes and the Android Jack.

The game revolves around Jack and Liv. Your POV is Jack. Captain Rhodes and you somehow find yourself 400 years into the future. The future is dark and eerie. Both Echo one Jack and Liv find an abandoned space station inside the Saturn rings. Both go inside the mysterious spaceship to explore it deeply when the real game begins.

The duo not only has to unravel the secrets hidden inside the ship, but they also have to save themselves from the ‘ticks’ that caused such colossal havoc in the first place.

The ticks are energy-eaters, and they etch themselves to the nearest source of energy. You, an Android, have to steer the ticks away; else, you’ll lose the mission.

Lone Echo II has introduced newer original concepts as well as the original ones. The developers still have hidden some details for the suspense. For example, the players would be provided virtual wrist thrusters and an EVA booster for zero gravity movements.

Lone Echo II was announced to launch in 2019 – two years after the original game’s release. Ready at Dawn then decided to launch another project named Eco Arena in 2019 and moved Lone Echo II to a 2020 release.

Things then went downhill after the Pandemic hit, and most games were delayed in 2021, including Lone Echo II. Till now, no one knows when Lone Echo II’s will release, but the studio is saying to expect a surprise this year.

This sci-fi VR game is officially acquired by Facebook and Oculus and will only be available on Oculus. The gameplay, however, is only limited to be played on Rift. The trailers and VR cut of Lone Echo II are available on YouTube and watched on your Oculus Go and Rift.

  1. After The Fall

What’s there to hate when an FPS shooter VR multiplayer game is coming soon? After The Fall is a project of Vertigo Games. Their team is known for some of the best VR technology games – Arizona Sunshine being a prime example.

After The Fall vr game

After The Fall vr game

After The Fall is an upcoming co-op shooting game, the trailer already seems promising. The cinematomatics and the post-apocalyptic setting is already intriguing. This forthcoming first person shooting game is completely VR, where you and your friends would team up to kill.

To kill what? – Zombies!

Let’s explain what happens. This game is set in the ruins of Los Angeles. The whole of LA is snow-covered, and you could feel the creepiness in the surroundings. There’s talk of an apocalypse in the town.

What really happens that a massive, mysterious outbreak occurred in the area in the 1980s due to excessive usage of designer drugs. This outbreak or apocalypse ruined the civilization, brought snowstorms across the state and swept away most humans.

Years passed, and you’re now in 2005 – one of the only survivors who were immune to the harmful effects of the 80’s apocalypse. You and your friends are the last hope for the survival of humanity.

Survival is, however, tough because you not only have to survive the harsh cold, but hidden undead enemies are surrounding you from all sides. The outbreak caused humans to turn into vicious killing zombies who only have one mission – kill them all.

The game tells the year 2005, but due to no architectural development, you still see the old 80’s architecture and aesthetic everywhere – bred in the snow!

You can play solo or invite your pals to co-op and run from the zombies and the ghost town. You will have deadly weapons as well as some powers to attack them. The best thing is you would find some good ol’ 80’s weaponry. The iconic cassette player missile is such a cool highlight.

The VR feature will allow you real-life action movements around the ghost town. But these zombies are not killed quickly. Try to go as silently as these hidden zombies would strike their ferocious ice fists to decapitate you.

Vertigo games promised that you wouldn’t play the same mission twice in After The Fall. The initial release of ‘After The Fall’ was set in 2019, but the developers had to delay it.

There were multiple reasons for the game delay. Firstly, an initial preview of the game was not up to the expectations for many gamers. Secondly, there were few glitches with real-life motion movements. The set design was also disappointing. These reasons collectively forced Vertigo Games to launch the game later on.

The studio then officially announced 2020 as the launch year for “After The Fall”, but then Covid happened, and so it got off the shelves. Gamers are waiting for a 2021 release.

After The Fall will be available on PC, PSVR, Steam VR, Oculus Rift and Rift S, and some other unannounced consoles.

  1. Eye Of The Temple

Eye Of The Temple

Eye Of The Temple

Who doesn’t like to be Indian Jones? This upcoming room-scale VR game is all about exploring hidden spots, saving yourself from the hazards, dodging the traps, and finding out what’s hidden beneath the treacherous temple.

Eye of the Temple was a long-term development project for PCVR. It was conceived and developed by the Danish developer Rune Johansen. If you are into traditional games where your physical strengths are used instead of locomotion and teleportation, then this game is perfect for you.

So what is this game about? Well, Eye of the Temple is a remote and abandoned place where an ancient temple has caught your attention. You must explore what that temple conceals within. To do that, you have to use your own hands and feet to move inside the temple.

You may find many obstacles, traps, and puzzles – all of them you can handle with your smart moves.

The gameplay would feature moving blocks. You have to step on those blocks in real, and your game character will mimic it in VR. You will have a torch to light up the dark portions inside the temple and a whip to jump at heights. Yielding the whip will also help you to grab hold of levers that are out of your reach, or you can whip it off on your enemies.

The booby traps would come as a surprise in this game, and you have to dodge them in real physically, or your character will get hit inside and fall. The game controls are your hands and feet, and you don’t have to press extra buttons.

You can also unlock the speedrun mode later, where your game’s platform will speed up every time you take a smart step. The best highlight of this game is the room-scale VR which many people think of as “Old Fashioned.”

If you’re into exploration games, room-scale VR, and Indiana Jones-esque stylization, then “Eye of the Temple” would be the right choice.

The developer cum engineer Rune Skovbo Johansen has been working on this project for about four years. He wants to create magic and intends to release the game on SteamVR and other VR consoles as soon as possible.

His job as a senior software engineer didn’t let him concentrate more on game development, but since he has resigned from his position, he now says to focus more on getting the game out soon.

Eye of the Temple released its demo in August, and people were instantly drawn towards its cinematics, set, and everything. The demo lasted for 45 minutes, and the gamers loved every bit of it.

Eye of the Temple has released some game requirements. You need a minimum of 2 x 2 meters of space to move around freely for the game. Sudden traps might also disturb you, and you might lose your balance and fall in real, so the game also issues a warning for it.

Although Johansen hasn’t announced what platforms this game will support, it will most likely be available on Oculus Rift, Windows MR, Valve Index etc.

In conclusion, These three VR games are some of the most anticipated VR games in 2021. Although none of these has an official release date, we’re expecting good news from the developers. Till then, fingers crossed!

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