Top 20 Real World Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Eight Artificial Intelligence Trends You May Not Expect In 2021
Eight Artificial Intelligence Trends You May Not Expect In 2021

While the machines haven’t taken over our lives entirely just yet, they continue to enhance it. Our way of living has significantly changed with technological advancements over the past few years. Artificial intelligence (AI) has made living so much more convenient and advanced that we often forget how deeply rooted it is in our everyday life. From Siri and Alexa to self-driving cars and online medical portals, the practical applications of artificial intelligence are endless. Here are the top 20 applications of artificial intelligence in the real world that have wowed us over the years, precisely due to their accurate prophetic capabilities:

  1. Tailored Online Shopping

You can shop anything online in minutes just by clicking a few buttons – this is exactly what practicality is in AI. By using AI-powered algorithms that filter products, online shopping experiences have become personalized to each customer’s needs. If you’re wondering how, well the same algorithm that displays what you’re looking for is constantly collecting your search history and data to generate helpful recommendations without wasting any of your precious time.

  1. The New Age of Social Media

Every day, millions of messages, pictures, and videos get exchanged across the world through social media. AI makes positive use of this immeasurable data by incorporating it in big data analytics and machine learning. The AI-supported social media is growing by the day. Hence, AI future in this domain is noteworthy.

  1. Enhanced Images

It takes no less than a minute to refine the quality of your pictures and videos by applying different filters and effects. All this is done through the practical applications of artificial intelligence.

  1. Artificial Creativity

AI has made some impossible science-fiction a reality. By tweaking and manipulating sound waves, AI-tools are able to automate music that echoes various genres of tunes, from classical to pop.

  1. Self-Driving Vehicles

Ever since the beginning, self-driving vehicles have fascinated people. With the growing research and development of self-driving vehicles, AI presents as a core part of such systems. From Tesla’s advanced autonomous cars to Nissan’s autopilot, AI-systems have been utilized and updated to become increasingly reliable. Coupled with endless AI-supported features, driving is becoming more enhanced and pleasant.

Advantages and Capabilities of Artificial Intelligence

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Improved Surveillance

One of the most beneficial artificial intelligence applications in the real-world is improved surveillance systems. By replacing the human-error element with advanced identification protocols, AI has been able to evolve the security industry.

  1. Improved Agricultural Practices

Issues around climate change have pushed the agricultural industry to introduce more groundbreaking approaches in improving crop yield through the use of automation. In fact, the inclusion of AI has already improved agricultural practices by around 90%. 

  1. Convenient Grading and Assessments

Gone are the days where teachers would spend an endless amount of time checking student papers; the new generation relies heavily on plagiarism-detecting software, like Turnitin and other tools, which are the perfect example of AI for convenient assessment.

  1. Augmented Marketing

With a rise in the use of AI, marketers from around the world are injecting more money in incorporating AI-tools to assist them in analyzing customer insights. By generating in-depth reports on customer activities, marketers are able to advance their business performance.

  1. Quick Customer Service

Many online websites have introduced AI-supported virtual assistants, providing quick customer service 24/7. More than automated responses, these assistants help answer all your queries on a whim.

Artificial Intelligence AI

  1. Advanced Chatbots

Almost everyone has the impeccable assistance of chatbots that help them control their devices just by translating human language into necessary actions. If you have ever used Siri, Alexa, Echo, or Cortana, you have experienced AI at its finest.

  1. Video Games

Probably one of the first industries to gain momentum through AI, the video gaming industry owes machines big time and continues to grow unparalleled. AI’s future here is seemingly bright. AI has been used in Virtual Reality Games Development for quite some time. 

  1. Healthcare and Medical Assistance

One of the most significant applications of artificial intelligence in the real world has been reaped in the healthcare sector. By collecting patient data, AI has been able to revolutionize the industry, automating proper medication and treatment of patients. For example, by creating AI-powered technology, pathologists are now able to analyze tissue samples for improved diagnosis.

  1. Travel And Tourism Industry

Heavily embedded in the travel industry, AI-tools analyze current prices to determine future charges of airplane flights, hotels, and tourist destinations, making it easier for potential travelers to choose their next vacation wisely.

  1. Easier Conveyance

We all mostly look for the best route to take back home during rush hours. We are becoming addicted to maps to guide us all the time. Such facilitation is possible as a result of the inclusion of AI-supported features.

Practical applications of artificial intelligence

Practical applications of artificial intelligence

  1. Fraud Detection Tools In Banks

By embedding AI, banks are able to trace cards, analyze transaction behaviors, and screen swindles. By detecting such anomalies, banks are able to keep fraud at bay.

  1. Creating Smart Homes

One of the major highlighting practical applications of artificial intelligence is in curating smart homes. Through integrating AI in electronic devices, such as switches, lights, and locks, we are able to control each and every part of our house through a portable source, all of which can quickly help us to manage our resources more wisely.

  1. Space Exploration

Scientific discoveries coupled with AI have resulted in advanced space expeditions. By including machine learning to process data on a larger scale, space exploration has resulted in endless benefits.

  1. Smart Email Categorisation

AI has extended to making office work easier for all. By flagging email and sorting it into different categories, AI helps keep all the important stuff on top.

How Virtual Reality Games use Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Practical applications of artificial intelligence

  1. Autopilot In Commercial Flights

Probably one of the earlier practical applications of Ai was noted through the use of the autopilot in commercial flights back in the early 1900s. However, with rapid advancement in technology, the process has reduced human-steered flight time significantly.

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