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MacBook Pro

In the tech world, some names in the laptop market are all the rage. These brands are continuously looking for making their laptops the best. Apple does not compromise on its performance when it comes to updating its products each year. The MacBook Pro 13-inch model is more than just a mandatory update from the company. Some of the most substantial modifications in this new set include the eighth-generation Intel quad-core processor, an amazing design, better audio quality, and the talk of the town: The Touch Bar with a Touch ID.

The market price for this updated model of MacBook stands at 1299 USD. This points to the real question we all want to know: is the price worth it? Let’s go into the details of the MacBook pro-13-inch features to find out.

Features of MacBook Pro 13 inch

We have two words for describing the features of the MacBook pro 13 inches performative and stylish. As we go through the features in detail, we will get the idea of why we are associating these terms with this MacBook.

Bright and colorful display

We are talking about a limit of 500 nits when it comes to display of this Laptop. This undoubtedly makes it one of the laptops with the brightest display in the market. The game just does not end right here, with the support for a P3 wide gamut for color, the MacBook pro 13 inch displays sharp and accurate colors.

This version of MacBook in the market comes with the best display feature, as evident from its advanced specs. So, if you are a professional photographer or you have a more visual need to use the MacBook, then you are making the right choice to get this one. You can experience a great time editing your photos or videos on the display while you use any software like Adobe or others.

While going through the major specs of this Laptop, you might have noticed the label “True Tone Display.” This feature is made for MacBook Pro for adjusting the color temperature of your display screen according to the environment you are in. This automatically improves the user experience and helps you get a more comfortable view of the screen. As a result, you do not get that unwanted strain in your eyes that you often get while using laptop display screens without the feature.

Storage of the base model

The base model MacBook pro 13 inch comes with an Intel 5 quad-core processor of 1.4 GHz. You get a starting storage of 128 GB and a RAM for 8 GB. In addition, the Intel Iris Plus 645 works appreciably well on the device.

The Geekbench gives a score of 4761 to the model, with an additional multi-score of 16932. The score increases for the higher-tier of the model, the 1799 USD one, with a core score of 4993 that adds up to be 18283 using the multi-core scoring system.

The Intel Iris Plus 645 comes with an amazing performance, as indicated by 31.1 frames per second on average. We can see how this adds up to an enhanced screen technology with even better SSD configurations. So, if you are looking for an Apple laptop that fits suitable as an all-rounder laptop, the MacBook Pro 13 inch stands at a great position. Most often, competitive laptops in the market use the UHD Graphic processors. On the contrary, an Intel Iris Graphic processor is used in this Laptop, which is even better than the UHD ones. This adds up to the competitiveness of this Laptop. You can find this processor on all models of this version.

SSD configuration

The write speed of the 1299 USD model of this MacBook tops around 495 MB per second, which is lesser than its read speeds that top to 1350 MB per second. We can say it is perhaps not the fittest match in the Apple market when it comes to SSD configuration, but it still is in the competition. In addition, it is safe to say that its speed is much faster than the conventional SATA drives you see on other laptops.

Unless you are running a lot of tasks, and you can afford no lagging in the performance speed, the SSD configuration for this model is not a big deal. However, if you are looking for faster performance, it’s a more expensive model, the 1799 USD one, proves to be much more valuable than its base model.

Battery performance

We will be rooting for its high performing battery life. If you are likely to take your Laptop with you on long trips and want to use it for long hours, you should be looking for models that come with better battery life. For example, on using a MacBook Pro 13 inch, we discovered it could constantly run for nine to ten hours without needing a charger. This makes the MacBook Pro be one of the most important reasons why you should be getting one, and there is no question in it.

You can stream videos on YouTube, use Microsoft Office for several tasks, and make hundreds of searches in Safari; you will still be left with many hours of battery for this Laptop that makes it of great value.

The Touchpad feature

One of the most talked-about features of the MacBook Pro 13 inch is its Touchpad feature that comes with a Touch ID. A touchpad is one of the essential components that buyers have to consider before buying a laptop. The Touchpad that does not run smooth and is clumsy to use can ruin the experience for the user making the Laptop for them frustrating to use. This is why Microsoft had to come up with the spec called the Windows Precision Touchpad when it received numerous complaints about its dysfunctional touchpads. Apple acknowledges the importance of this feature, and while all of its laptops come with a trackpad called the Force Touch, the Touchpad for this Laptop is exemplary. Till now, the performance of this Touchpad completely beats the performance of touchpads from other brands, including Microsoft. You get to have high precision and accuracy and a uniform level of feedback, which alleviates the need to make unnecessary finger movements.

The haptic feedback comes under the pad that gives virtual clicks. As a result, you get exemplary performance from the Touchpad. This is great for people who need to use the Touchpad with added accuracy. So, it is great for drawing on the screen, playing games, or doing any precision-based work on the Laptop.

8th Generation Core

The tech world has introduced the 10th Generation core laptops and processor chips in the market for users. However, that does not mean all the previous cores have gone extinct in the industry based on their performance. The base model for the MacBook pro 13 inch is an example of such laptops. Its 8th Generation CPU core is still counted among one of the most competitive ones in the market, and for obvious reasons. The optimum boost speed of the core is 3.9 GHz, while the quad-core chip comes with a 1.4 GHz of the base clock. The Central Processing Unit of this MacBook supports multi-threading processes. The process enables all of the cores in the Laptop to manage two to eight instruction threads simultaneously. This feature has come to be the most boast-worthy feature in the world of laptops, as you can run a lot of modern apps using this technology.

Speakers of MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro has dual speakers that are made to produce powerful and smooth beats. You can feel rich and nuanced audio being produced from the audio speakers when you play a sound on this Laptop. We can say the sounds are perfectly balanced and do not produce a disturbing asymmetry when it comes to the vocals and background effects. We recommend using noise-canceling headphones for a more personal and intense experience.

These were some MacBook pro-13-inch features we thought were the most important to highlight in our MacBook Pro 13-inch review. Let’s find out about the pros in short that we can summarize from the detailed features mentioned above.


In short, we can say the MacBook pro 13 inch comes with the following pros:

  • Faster performance than MacBook Air and other previous versions
  • Truetone display enhances the display of the Laptop
  • Amazing Touchpad with an enabled Touch ID to improve user-experience
  • Dual speakers with great performance


We have seen all the plus points for the Laptop in this review up till now; let’s see some of the areas where this version of MacBook could see more improvement:

The keyboard

The MacBook Pro 13-inch Review 

For all the typists and game players there, we know how much necessary it is to have a comfortable and functional enough keyboard. Unfortunately, just like other MacBooks, the keyboard for this version also comes in that conventional Shallow-travel, butterfly mode. Some people might not find this to be any help while they decide to buy a MacBook, and we often see how many people drop their plan to get a laptop from a certain company just because of a weird-feeling keyboard. If you find no discomfort in its appearance, we will say you can go for it. Also, to add to your confidence in the keyboard, the MacBook Pro has a much quieter keyboard than its precedents.

The storage problem

The slow SSD, RAM of 8 GB, and only 128 GB storage capacity to start with make this Laptop a bit less of an ideal. We would not expect to spend bucks on a device that does not give us impressive storage. Also, we see that there could be more improvements made in this regard for the product to stand up tall in such a competitive market. Anyhow, for the market giants, this is a serious lag, but for the user experience, it is not that much of a big deal, especially when you are only aiming to get a MacBook for daily use and not for big professional purposes.

Touch-related problems

The Touch ID remains a bit controversial in the market as you can see many people highlighting the fact that it is not respecting the privacy of users, and hence the concept remains to be dubious. Also, the virtual click through the Touchpad might take things a little bit too accurate to handle. The usefulness of the touch bar can go a bit in question when you are using apps that do not handle it in a proper way. There are problems with user adaptability when it comes to performing different tasks through the Touch Bar that can score negatively for the Laptop.

The Port issue

If we look into the base model MacBook Pro, we see there are only two ports for USB-C. This means you can hardly connect one more thing to your Laptop when it is already connected to the charger. This seems a bit off for people who would spend 1299 USD on a laptop. However, Apple manufacturers solve this problem and come up with four such ports for the more expensive version of the MacBook Pro. Most people would not mind getting two ports on a laptop, but if you are a professional looking to perform a lot of tasks at the same time, you might need to prefer the 1799 USD laptop.

We see how the Laptop could come with a few improvements for better user experience, but these are things that will only make it an ideal laptop in the market. We see that these few negatives do not necessarily create a big problem for most of the users out there, especially if they are looking for a laptop for daily use with better battery performance and display.


Major specs of the MacBook Pro 13 inch are highlighted as under:

  1. Ultraportable – the Laptop comes in the category of ultraportable laptops, which means that its sleek design and a 13-inch display makes it highly convenient and comfortable to carry around. It is not common in laptops coming from manufacturers like Del and Microsoft.
  2. Intel 5 Processor – the Laptop uses an i5 Intel Core Processor with a code 8257U and a processing speed of 1.4 GHz. The RAM for the MacBook pro 13 inch is 8 GB.
  3. Boot Drive – the Laptop has an SSD configuration with a boot drive capacity of a total of 256 GB as tested.
  4. Display – the Manufacturers have used IPS in its panels, and the native display resolution stands at 2560 x 1600. The Laptop is not supported by touch screen technology. As obvious from its name, the screen size is 13 inches, specifically up to 13.3 inches. The screen refresh rate is 60 Hz with no variable refresh support.
  5. Graphic processor – Unlike other laptops that have UHD Graphic processors in them, this Laptop has an Intel Iris Plus 655 Graphics Processor, which is a step above from the UHD ones.
  6. Networking – the wireless networking specs are as follows: Bluetooth, 892.11ac.
  7. Weight – the Laptop has a total weight of three pounds.
  8. Battery performance – as tested, the optimum battery life for the MacBook Pro 13 inch stands at 13 hours and 32 minutes.


Also, the Laptop uses MacOS and Sierra as parts of its operating system, the most obvious spec of the Laptop.

We are not done yet!

You can search about these specs and features on the net as much as you want, but our review goes a bit deeper than this. Let’s see some extra info you need to know about the MacBook Pro before you decide whether you want to buy it or not.

External specs and other laptops

When we compare it to its previous versions, this MacBook is difficult to stand out, given it is closed. All the major differences lie when it is underuse. You will get to see the same aluminum case that is available in Silver and Space Grey options. So, you can’t be confident when thinking you can make people notice you are carrying a MacBook Pro with you and not the earlier version. However, the dimensions make it more convenient and stylish to carry inside your handbag or backpack. However, the narrower display coming from its competitors like the Dell XPS 13 does not let this version win in the game of sleek displays. When it comes to weight, we will go with the MacBook Air as it is 0.25 pounds lighter than the 13 inch MacBook Pro. However, this is only a slight difference, as you can see.

Does it pass the heat test?

There is one major complaint from laptop users when they are working on their laptops for long hours: laptops give off too much heat! Unless you are using a desk, this can be troublesome for users who are habitual to using their laptops casually. This is one thing that often goes overlooked while purchasing the product, and even if you want to look into it, there is no standard way you can assess this thing. That is where you can check out a review that tells you the real thing, just like we have. So, according to our heat testing in which we streamed our favorite videos on YouTube for 20 minutes, the Laptop stayed at a comfortable 95-degree threshold. The Touchpad just had hit 82 degrees, and the keyboard had a temp check of 91 degrees. Overall, we will say the MacBook Pro passed the heat test, something much appreciable among people who love comfort and ease.


There are three tiers for pricing when it comes to buying MacBook Pro models.

  • 1299 USD MacBook pro 13 inch
  • 1499 USD MacBook pro 13 inch
  • 1799 USD MacBook pro 13 inch

The major difference between the 1299 USD and 1499 USD models of the MacBook Pro is the storage capacity. While the cheaper version has storage of 128 GB, the more expensive version has storage of 256 GB. The major perks that come with buying the 1799 USD model from the series include two additional ports for USB-C and a much faster 8th generation core processor having 2.4 GHz speed.

To buy or not?

The MacBook Pro 3 inch comes with amazing features like the True Tone display, the Touch Bar, and dual speakers, among many other specs, making it an all-rounder laptop for users who need both functionality and style. If you want a notable performance and a better screen display with better touchpad accuracy, this Laptop has to be among our favorites in the line. When it comes to choosing between the models, we will recommend you going for the base model, which comes at 1299 USD if you do not want to use the Laptop for highly stressful conditions such as in conditions where you need to be highly professional and want added storage functionality. If that case applies to you, you can invest in the more expensive models, the 1499 USD MacBook pro 13 inches or the 1799 USD MacBook pro 13 inches.

Final word

As compared to its immediate predecessor, the MacBook Air, the functionality of the MacBook Pro is undoubtedly much better. We can safely say that in the Apple market, the MacBook Pro 13 inch is the best addition in the MacBook line up to date when it comes to performance and display. Also, when we consider its competitor from other manufacturers like Dell, it still gives a tough competition to the laptops with the same dimensions in the industry, such as the Dell XPS 13 in terms of performance. As long as you have no issue with minor setbacks such as the scarce ports and shallow keyboard, the MacBook Pro proves to be among the best ultraportable laptops you can get in the market.

We hope this article helped you gain an in-detail insight into everything the MacBook Pro 13 inch has to offer to its users.

Let us know If you have any questions or suggestions about apple MacBook 13 inch. Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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