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The Future of Virtual Reality Games

Top Virtual Reality Headsets Of 2021
Top Virtual Reality Headsets Of 2021

Imagine having a real-time experience of playing a game with all your friends and enjoying every impact on a physical level. While sitting in your lounge and having a game night is one of the best activities to do for the weekend, virtual reality video games are going to take this fun to a whole new level for you and your friends to enjoy. Half Life: Alyx, Beat Saber, Bone works, and Pistol Whip are some of the examples of virtual reality games that are gaining popularity among game geeks.

With so much hype and perks that come with these games, the virtual reality game industry should have already taken over the gaming world. It is because we have not seen a booming growth in technology till last year. But statistics predict something different about the near future of the games. Let’s find out about the scope of virtual reality games and how they are going to change the gaming industry.

Why is Virtual Gaming Experience So Interesting?

The Future of Virtual Reality Games

The virtual reality gaming industry is more about giving out VR headsets to consumers and making them experience 4D tech. Motion sensors, haptic vests, and a lot of other engaging equipment are specifically designed to level up the physical sensations to the gamer. As a result, the gamer would experience real-life sensation, impact, impressions, and pulse while controlling commands during the game. The idea behind Virtual Reality gaming is to make the gamer become part of the game instead of letting the player take the central role.

Some people suggest virtual reality games to make the gaming experience more isolated, and ‘introverted’ as the players are wearing the headset and are oblivious of their fellow players. However, it is not the case – the inclusion of highly innovative haptic technology, augmented reality, and other tech touch ups that will come to the market soon will change the way how multiplayer games are played. You can have a full-on multiplayer experience with your team members and have the times of your life with this enjoyable mode of playing. You do not have to be seated for hours in front of a screen this way. Instead, you are all in one room, more present in the game as you physically interact with other players, which makes it a whole lot interactive.

What Do the Statistics Say?

The entrance of VR games in the market was a bumpy ride. Starting in 2014, manufacturers were experimenting on the ways they could instill the technology into video games and make them more fun for the players in the gaming world. Unfortunately, the prices labeled for the headsets and VR friendly games were not in such proportion of the difference in feel you would get. As a result, the new tech could not get much hype in the market, and it had to overcome this gap to attract gamers.

The IDC predicts VR gaming will boom from being a 9 billion USD industry to a straight 215 billion USD in the year 2021. This massive leap of 118 percent revenue growth points towards the fact that now the manufacturers have come up with exciting ideas and technologies that will make virtual reality games more dynamic and interesting for the gamers. We see that with such a bloom in the growth, the VR games are going to be among the top-rated games in the industry, and the demand is only going to rise from this point.

What Improvements are there?

The Future of Virtual Reality Games

Let’s sees some improvements that have made VR gaming so popular in the current times:

  • The headsets with too many requirements and wiring are getting replaced by standalone headsets requiring no wires or installation prerequisites. You can just sync them in any device, such as a smartphone, and you are good to go.
  • Also, with virtual reality, you cannot only expect games for entertainment. Manufacturers like zSpace are developing virtual reality games for educational purposes. This means that we are soon going to see virtual reality games in schools as well – something conventional gaming is not so popular about.
  • The VR arcades are getting the talk of the town among people looking for new ways to have fun hangouts with friends. The game service industry made more than 280 Million USD in 2019 and is expected to hit at least a billion by the end of 2020.
  • Currently, there are seven locations in the world having dedicated Green Rooms for providing a multiuser, full-fledge experience for virtual reality gaming to players. These rooms have haptic vests and motion sensors that accentuate the whole gaming condition, making it feel as close to real life as it can be. With the opening of more locations, the demand for the gaming service is expected to bring billions of dollars in revenue growth in the upcoming years.

Is it Going to Replace Conventional Gaming?            

At this point, it is no longer a surprise how virtual reality gaming, whether on-site or through VRG online, is going to make all the game enthusiasts go crazy. It is safe to say, and we can sense the spark just around the corner. However, it will take some more time to completely replace conventional gaming if we take a highly optimistic side. Most of the gamers have sentimental values associated with using conventional modes of gaming, for instance, Nintendo. So, anticipating that new technology, no matter how mind-blowing it sounds, can completely take the remote controls and the consoles away from people will be a more imaginative thought than a realistic one. At least for now, you can expect a rising trend of VR arcades and multiuser rooms among people.


The future of virtual reality gaming is bright, and it is soon going to bloom at its best with lots of revenue growth in the coming times. With continuous improvements in the tech to make the gaming experience more life-like to the users, it is no longer a dream to see virtual reality games being displayed in almost every gaming store.

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