On International Space Station, Human Research Crew is ready to Depart

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Currently there are six crew members aboard the International Space Station who are working on advanced space research promoting health for humans on and off Earth. But by the end of week, the crew will split up when the Expedition 62 crew  return to Earth.

The Scientists who are up there are looking at how microgravity affects human muscles. They are doing this research for Mytones space biology study. Today first of the four sessions for human research experiment was initiated by Chris Cassidy. First he marked muscle points on this skin and then measured his muscle biochemical properties with the help of a specialised device. The purpose of this research is to not only increase the space mission duration of astronauts but will also help people on Earth with muscle conditions.

He has two team members, Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner, who are maintaining Russian station hardware and are getting used to life in space. Moreover, the communication system in the new Sovuz MS-16 crew ship is deactivated and the cosmonauts are getting up to speed on their complement of space research.

The Jessica Meir and Andrew Morganc who are NASA flight engineers are completing their final week in space by working on various experiments. Another interesting thing Meir did was that she collected her saliva samples for the microbial analysis and then documented her thoughts about the International Space Station’s menu. Whereas, Morgan cleaned and cleared the life science hardware which housed live mice. This live mice was returned to Earth on the last Dragon Cargo mission.

These two astronauts are almost ready to end their mission with Commander Oleg Skripo and will undock and return to Earth on Friday. They are busy packing the Soyuz MS-15 crew ship with cargo and their personal use items. Their undock is scheduled at 9:53 p.m. EDT.  After three-and-half hours they will land in Kazakhstan.

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