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How Virtual Reality Games use Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

How Virtual Reality Games use Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
Practical applications of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the term every business is exploring and utilizing to deliver some out-of-the-box products and services. In the recent half, AI is known to bring revolution in every industrial sector. The same is seen in the gaming sector where AI is getting greatly involved, especially in virtual reality games. Due to the upraise of virtual reality and artificial intelligence in the gaming industry, gaming has gone to a whole different level. AI in VR games is allowing users to experience real-life experience, making gaming more fascinating for gamers. Even the game developers are focusing on creating VR games in an AI environment to meet the expectation level of gamers.

When was AI introduced in Gaming Industry?

AI came into the gaming industry way back in 1951 when the “Nim” game was inaugurated. Although, at that time, AI was not as advanced as it is today. But, the Nim game was way ahead of its time. Later in the 1970s, AI was used at different places for arcade games, especially in Speed Racing, Pursuit, etc. In the 1980s, PacMan and maze games advanced the gaming industry and people loved them.

Today, games have become way too advanced. Easy access to computers and new game-developing technologies have revolutionized the gaming industry. In fact, gamers are preferring the best AI in games, as it enhances the gaming experience. The gaming industry is just becoming bigger and bigger every year. According to the Global Games Market Report, approximately 2.8 billion gamers throughout the world are expected to generate a revenue of $189.3 billion in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence is Here to Revolutionize the Virtual Reality Gaming Industry

Future of Artificial Intelligence

How Virtual Reality Games use Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

As the gaming industry is on a rise, so does VR-based games. Game developers are making use of AI in VR games in the following ways:

  • Creation of Content: Content is the basics of a virtual game. The environment, surroundings, characters, and other graphical objects are included in the virtual game content. It plays a vital role in attracting gamers. Usually, the game developers hire a big team of artists who dedicate a lot of their time to generate great content for the game on various software. But since the advancements in AI, specific algorithms can automatically design content for the game quickly. Not only the time required is reduced, but a small team of individuals is needed to create massive content. Additionally, it allows game developers to create a unique playing environment for every player.
  • Design Natural Movement Interactions System: Unlike mobile and computer games, VR games are not about interacting with your device’s screen. Instead, it is about the way we interact with the real world. In VR games, we act and the character mimics us. For example, while playing the game, we punch, bend, jump, and jog for the character to do the same. This kind of embodied interaction enables the VR games to stand out and provide games with such a different yet fantastic experience. However, we know that the actions performed by our body are pretty complex, and they can not be explained to someone else in words; such information is called Tacit knowledge. Similarly, this information is very difficult to be programmed into computers to make it recognize our actions. It is the place where virtual reality and artificial intelligence come into joint action, as AI assists in designing the movement interactions system by providing an example of the action itself instead of coding. Due to AI in VR games, computers and gaming consoles can recognize our actions and mimic them in a very natural manner.
  • Virtual Human: The way our body language works is very complex. Even the top physiologists and neuroscientists are unable to comprehend it. Our interactive body language is also responsible for adding emotions to our conversations during our face-to-face interaction with others. AI uses various latest technologies like facial recognition, motion capture, and gaze tracking to understand the functioning of the human body. The microphone is used to comprehend body language and the way humans speak. Capturing human body language allows AI to create virtual humans who know how to react according to other people’s body language and behavior.

Benefits of Using AI in VR Games

How Virtual Reality Games use Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

How Virtual Reality Games use Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI has allowed game developers to create a unique virtual environment for every single character. Also, the characters are more realistic and natural. AI has developed the gaming industry a lot and is still known to take it to another level.

  • Realistic Gaming Experience: AI enables developers to easily design games in an AI environment with 3D effects and other amazing visuals. The VR games will offer you a real-world experience, and the graphics will allow players to think as if they are in the game. The games, especially the action games, will go to a different level using virtual reality and artificial intelligence. In the future, you can expect to play games that will interpret your actions and respond accordingly.
  • Smarter Games: AI is bringing new upgrades every day in the gaming world. Reinforcement learning and pattern recognition will permit characters in games to advance by self-learning of their actions. As a gamer, you will notice a huge difference while playing VR games in an AI environment within a few levels. Your player will talk and act like a normal human being making the game more exciting and appealing. The Sims and FEAR are examples of games that are making use of these technologies.
  • Transform Skills of Developers: The progress in AI will encourage game developers to upgrade their skills to adapt to the new changes and techniques. Doing so will boost their productivity. The traditional game makers are also trying their best to use AI in some of their elements to provide players with a unique experience. VR game developers use codes and programs that create a virtual world automatically without any human interference. And guess what? The results are excellent.
  • Time-Saving and Affordable: Usually, it takes a lot of time and money to formulate a single game without any guarantee of success. The launch of a single-game can take months or even years, depending upon the type of game it is. But since the introduction of AI, the time taken to prepare a game has decreased significantly. And as AI works without any human interference, the cost of labor and resources has also reduced drastically. Thereby, it is enabling companies to hire advanced game developers, hence making the gaming industry more competitive.

Get Ready to Play Next Level of VR Games in the AI Environment

The gaming industry is advancing at a drastic speed. Gamers are switching from traditional games to VR games in an AI environment, encouraging the game developers to get more creative and design smarter games so that the gamers can enjoy real-life experiences in a better and innovative way. There is a lot to come in the upcoming years, all thanks to AI in VR games. 


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