How technology has increased the dependence of people on the Internet

5 signs that we are too dependent on technology
5 signs that we are too dependent on technology
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According to a prediction by Timothy Leffel who was a research scientist, National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, “Future historians will observe that, in many ways, the rise of the internet over the next few decades will have improved the world, but it hasn’t been without its costs that were sometimes severe and disruptive to entire industries and nations.” In simple words, due to advanced research and development, technology has increased the dependence of people on the Internet. This has brought many benefits to human kind but it has also brought some problems.

Are we too dependent on technology?

It is almost impossible to imagine our life without technology.  We, humans are too dependent on technology, it is as if it’ become an integral part of our lives. It has made our life easier and enjoyable. Almost everything we do in our daily lives involves technology in one way or another. This raises a question that Are we too dependent on technology?

5 signs that we are too dependent on technology

You cannot do anything without internet

Think of a situation where you are trying to search some information online and all of a sudden your internet goes out, will you get up and go to a nearest library to get the same information or not? Will you take out your encyclopaedias or old books? In simple words, if you are doing something online and your internet goes out and that thing can be done offline but you still wait for internet reconnection, then there is a probability that you cannot do anything without internet.

You do not enjoy the moment, you record it!

If you are experiencing a special moment in your life like watching your favourite singer play your favourite song on stage, are you taking it in or are you using your smart phone to record it and post it on social media later. If you are recording the moment then you are experiencing that special moment through a screen like the rest of the world once they view your recorded video. This makes your and viewers experience same, therefore it is imperative that instead of always recording the special moments, you experience them without the lens.

When you are online, you loose track of time!

People who go online and get lost watching on demand videos, movies, tv shows or chatting on social media and hours pass by without even them realising it, might have an issue regarding their use of internet. A normal person should not have a problem keeping track of their time spent online. You should always stay focused on the purpose for using the internet when going online.

You need calculators even for simple calculations!

No doubt, calculators are very helpful and can allow you to solve complicated math questions without using pen and paper. They can also save you time and prevent mistakes from happening in complicated situations. However, if you have gotten too used to using a calculator to solve even the simplest math problem that you can solve in your head or by using pen and paper. Then you are a bit too much dependent on this kind of technology.

You cannot live without your Smart Phone!

How often are you reaching for your smartphone? Today, I went to hospital for a simple blood test and there was almost 2 hours wait. There was no internet connection so my smartphone was not working. But in those two hours, I reached out for my phone for at least 5-6 times. Every time, I got the phone out of my bag, I realised that it is of no use as it does not have internet connection. This makes me realise that in todays world, we are a little too dependent on our smart phones and if we are waiting for something, the first thing we will do is reach for our smartphones and surf the internet.

Just like me, if you are constantly using your smartphone to check your business emails, blog, your social media or apps etc then you are addicted.

Another issue that I have seen people have is getting a dopamine rush whenever they hear their phone make a sound.  It is the anticipation of checking your phone that causes this rush which demonstrates that you are addicted to your phone. Thankfully I do not have this addiction. I have set time for this for example, after every 2 straight hours of work, I will check my phone.

All in all, we need to incorporate technology in our lives to make it easier and comfortable but we should not forget about the little things that are much better without technology like enjoying any special moments.




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