Do you want to avoid the Politics discussion this Holiday Season, then Talk Space Instead!


In an inexorably spellbound political world, a familial social occasion at Thanksgiving or other occasion dinners can without much of a stretch veer into political contentions and vigorous debates. Did you know that normal Thanksgiving visits were reduced by a normal of 30 minutes after the election of 2016.

Luckily, as a supporter and fan of Space Exploration, you realise that space unites us. So in case you’re hoping to accumulate with more distant family on this Christmas season, stay away from the legislative issues. Rather, here is a significant discussion topic that can motivate and connect with everybody.


On 23 July 2019, flight controllers at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in California instructed LightSail 2 to send its 32-square-meter sail. These pictures catch the deployment scenes which was observed from one of the spacecraft’s 185-degree fisheye cameras. The images of the Earth shows Baja California and part of Mexico. LightSail 2 is relied upon to keep on sending back pictures as it circles Earth until it reenters the Earth environment in around 1 year.

No Christmas gathering is finished without examining LightSail—The Planetary Society’s group financed, freely made cubesat that propelled not long ago. Similarly as boats use wind to cross the oceans, so does LightSail use photons to control its motion around Earth.

LightSail is a case of another sort of spacecraft: one not made by governments yet by individuals cooperating (around 50,000 of them!) to fund and construct a low budget, Space trial missions. What is the eventual fate of these kinds of spacecraft? In what capacity will this democratization of space sway the fate of investigation? What could be conceivable if spacecraft don’t rely upon constrained wellsprings of fuel, yet rather can depend on unending daylight for drive?

These are all the inviting and engaging discussion topics about Light Sail 2 which can keep your family and guests entertained and away from heated debates.

Another Space exploration mission is  Boeing CST-100 Starliner in Place at Space Launch Complex 41

Hope you enjoy the Holiday discussions!

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