Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch Review

MacBook pro 16-inch review
Macbook.16 inch
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The MacBook Pro series is all the rage in town with its amazing features and brilliant performance. Especially the MacBook Pro, 16-inch set, is among the most highlighted names in the queue of top-rated luxury laptops. The MacBook Pro 16-inch review hits a spotlight on all those features, specs, design, and other factors that make this among the top laptops in the Apple MacBook series.

There has been a significant upgrade when it comes to internal components of the MacBook Pro 16 involving a graphics card of AMD Radeon Pro with 7nm – 5000M series, used for the first time in any laptop to date. This makes the MacBook Pro 16-inch one of the most ideal and innovative laptops in terms of graphics. But that’s not the end of this review. There’s a lot more on the plate.

Are you disappointed with the 8GB RAM feature on the previous MacBook series? Get ready to jump to a straight 64GB and an SSD storage of 8 Terabytes with this series. These are some of the most highlighted factors in the laptop that makes it competitive enough in the market.

Sneak Peak

The battery life boasts a massive performance of 100W/h battery, which is the highest among its predecessors in the Pro series as well. If you’re concerned about battery life, getting a 100 WH isn’t a bad idea. Speakers’ function and microphones with a built-in feature make it performative to its best levels. And when it comes to style, its light, thin design with an elegant look is something that we can’t ignore.

The screen display – let the resolution talk itself: 3072 x 1920 with 226 pixels distributed in each inch. What do you get? A highly sharp and well-contrasted display is all you need to get the ideal screen you want.

Up to this level, the 16-inch model has clearly won over the previous models, even the 15-inch model. With an increased size of the screen, we generally note the screen to get a lower quality when it comes to resolution, but this model tells us otherwise. Also, the thinner bezels add to the sleekness of the case.

Without any further ado, we will go in-depth about its features and depths so you can have all the information you need before buying one.

Pricing and Availability

This one isn’t a new thing: the price is not low for this MacBook Pro. The base model itself stands at a high amount of 2399 USD. But given it has the latest core processor of i7 and a graphics card of Radeon, a competitive RAM for 16 GB and SSD of 512 GB, the price is pretty much worth it.

You might also note that the price clashes with last year’s 15-inch model that had a little lesser number in terms of its storage specs: RAM and SSD – Another checkpoint why the price is worth it. So, you get better graphics as well as double storage, all with the same price tag. Congratulations for your patience in this case.

The model of the series at the upper end of the price tag comes with an i9 processor, a 16 GB RAM, and an SSD of 1 terabyte for just 2799 USD.

The base models at this end are more performative in terms of having more astute hardware and, of course, better storage.

If you want to get the benefits of all the specs coming with this series, you will need to jump to 6099 USD – the luxury price which gets you with all the fantastic specs this series has to offer you.
Let’s Check out the Specs!

  • 2399 USD base model
  • Core i7 processor with six-core ninth generation from Intel having turbo boost of 4.5 GHz
  • DDR4 – 16 Gigabytes of 2666 Megahertz
  •  Graphics card: AMD Radeon Pro (5300M)
  •  Onboard SSD for 512 GB
  • 2799 USD base model
  • Core i9 processor with eight-core ninth generation from Intel having turbo boost of 4.8 GHz
  •  DDR4 – 16 Gigabytes of 2666 Megahertz
  •  Graphics card: AMD Radeon Pro (5500M)
  •  Onboard SSD for 1 TB
  • Functionalities
  •  Retina display having 3072 x 1920 resolution. Pixel density: 226ppi. True Tone Display
  •  MacBook Pro 16 dimensions: 0.64 X 14.09 X 9.68 inch
  •  Weight: 4.3 lbs
  •  Battery life: 100WH with wireless web function up to 11 hours
  •  USB C port charger available for 96W
  •  Stereo system with six audio speakers
  •  Microphone array made from three individual components
  •  Graphics 360 UHD Intel
  •  Thunderbolt ports – 4 with a headphone jack
  •  Backlit keyboard with touch ID
  •  Force touch laptop trackpad
  •  5.0 Bluetooth Configuration
  •  Maximum of 64 GB
  •  Maximum of 8 TB
  •  AMD Radeon Pro 5500 M

MacBook Pro 16 case and design

MacBook Pro 16 inch Design

When it comes to individuality, MacBook Pro 16 case does not look much different from its previous model. However, the footprint of this series is larger than the last model as seen by the following details:
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MacBook Pro 16 Inch
0.61 x 13.75 x 9.48 inches 0.64 x 14.09 x 9.68 inches

The bezels of the MacBook Pro 16 Inch are much narrower as compared to MacBook Pro’s previous models in the line. The smaller bezels have made the laptop look much innovative and stylish while also giving a much larger screen display. This is something you don’t see on many laptops in terms of creative and modern look. So, if there is a larger display ignoring the portability, consumers are much happier about the former aspect in the series.
You get an appreciable image quality with a much-pixelated resolution and pixel density. However, its competitor in the market in terms of pixels has won the match in terms of numbers. The Razer Blade 15 studio edition has its resolutions through the numbers: 3840 x 2160 – providing much sharper image quality and display as compared to its Apple rival: The MacBook Pro 16 Inch.

This makes Razer Blade at a much better place than the Apple laptop pro series. Also, the OLED screen looks absolutely fascinating on the screen. Another point where it beats the MacBook is the touch screen display. This might be something MacBook manufacturers should look into in the future for their new laptops as Apple is lagging in terms of having a touch screen on its laptops.

Catalina MacOS

But Apple at least tried to compensate it well through its Catalina tech. The macOS feature enables the user to utilize an iPad as the second screen for the laptop – an attractive feature from Sidecar. You can control different apps through the touch system using an Apple Pencil for the iPad for this reason.

It serves to be a fantastic way of enabling all the creative geeks out there to use their tools the way they like using intuition and more command on control. An iPad is also required for it. However, that might not be a favorable idea for some users as it comes with more expenditure. Imagine already spending more than six thousand dollars on a laptop, only having to buy an iPad for the “touching” feature. While people with creative minds can surely think about it, it does not appeal to many out there. There is no such fuss in the Razer laptop, at least. But will you just decide not to buy the Apple MacBook for just lacking this feature? You might need to put some thinking into this.


Coming towards the keyboard, there is excellent news for you: No more butterfly switches! It looks like a lot of relief for a lot of MacOS users out there who complain about this feature. The keyboard that comes with these models is termed as “iMac Magic Keyboards.”

It should keep you safe from problems that you might have faced in the previous versions where the keys would get stuck with the butterfly models. There is no such issue on this laptop, at least. There was also another problem regarding the previous models that they did not use a protective membrane on their laptops. As these problems are not included in this laptop, there is an overall definite conclusion in the MacBook Pro 16-inch review regarding the keyboard used.

The switch’s scissors enable the keyboard of the pro to get better keys during travel and keep it as slim as possible. So, it actually is fantastic for typing given its comfortable keyboard. As a result, you get a much satisfying feel as compared to its older versions where there were butterfly switches instead of scissor switches. If you type a lot, considering the MacBook Pro 16-inch as your next laptop seems to be quite a suitable choice.

Touch Bar and Touch ID

MacBook Pro 16 inch Touch Bar

The Touch Bar has been shortened as compared to its previous versions, and now you also get to have an Esc key, including in the bar. It seems to make a big difference for programmers who insert complex codes. So, it has made programming much more convenient for users who are going to use this laptop to enter code.

MacBook Pro 16 inch Touch ID
The Touch ID button enables you to get signed on your laptop while also allowing you to make Apple Pay payments. This way, the convenience of using the device just got a lot easier. There is also a change in the directional keys in this version. You can see the basic Inverted T layout version again. So, it helps people to use the critical system without needing to look at it, which makes things more user-friendly and fast.

When it comes to the MacBook Pro 16 case and design, Apple has proved that it has considered the demands of its users first hand. The little yet significant improvements have just taken the functionality of the laptop to another level.
Port Selection

However, the port selection remains one feature on the MacBook Pro 16-inch that Apple could change but did not. There is only space for plugging in headphones, and only four Thunderbolt 3 USB C ports. The ports work ideally for people who would want to use the laptop for everyday functioning. But for professionals who are struggling to have a lot of devices getting connected to their laptops, this just makes it tougher for one reason: you need to have an adapter with such ports at all times.

There is also no facility for a memory card reader with this laptop. All you get is a standard size USB port, which does not allow for any versatility in the device. This comes as a problem to professionals; majorly, as with the help of such allowance, they could be helped in a lot more projects than otherwise. You will have to get an adapter, which adds to your expenditure again.

Apple made such decisions for improving the sleek and stylish look of the laptop. While we can compromise on such things in a smartphone or even a laptop with its design based on sleekness, you know what we are talking about – MacBook Air, but for a laptop with such a promising performance and a luxurious price, this is not something we will appreciate much. Again, the Razer 15 takes the win by having a wider selection of ports – another reason why professionals might need to reconsider buying the Apple manufactured laptop. It comes off as a big disappointment from Apple’s side, as the Pro series was supposedly more user-friendly than the rest, especially the MacBook Pro 16-inch.

MacBook Pro 16-inch Testing

In the Geekbench test, the MacBook Pro 16-inch scored 3157 points for its CPU for four single-core and 974 points for five single cores. The battery life on testing works for 11 hours and 40 minutes. On the Cinebench test, it scores 3157 points having graphics of 122.31 fps.

MacBook Pro 16-inch Performance

Now that we have seen the design, specs, and testing in our Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch review, it is time to check the actual thing: performance.

The company claims the version to be the most functional MacBook ever made in the history of MacBook’s, especially the 6099 USD model. With the help of an eight-core processor, an 8 Terabyte SSD, and a RAM of 64GB, this stands as the perfect laptop for a number of reasons. Let’s take the middle model for 2799 USD as an example under test.

So, it has an AMD Radeon Pro 5500 M, a 2.3 Gigahertz Intel Core Processor i9, an SSD of 1 TB, and a 16 GB RAM, as mentioned above in the specs and features of the model. All of these highly powerful specs give this model one of the most promising laptops in the market to date when it comes to performance.

The MacBook laptop has a processor similar to its previous model. However, in terms of graphic rendering, this device comes with its innovative graphics card, which allows a high-performance display when compared to the previous 15-inch model.

When talking about use on a daily basis, this device comes as an amazing choice. You can download many apps in seconds and enjoy amazing features using macOS Catalina. All in all, the laptop stands to be at a highly respectable place when it comes to functioning and power.
When tested under pressure, the MacBook Pro 16-inch is programmed to show an appreciable performance. And there is no annoying noise made by the hardware when the computer is under pressure, as seen in other versions of MacBook and laptops from other brands as well. This is because of the innovative thermal design made by the company.
Heating Test

The thermal design in the laptop makes it away from getting overheated in times of long performances and high pressures. There is no throttling issue as seen in other laptops where often the CPU speed is compromised for the prevention of a laptop against overheating, ultimately decreasing performance.

While speaking on the technical scale, when we compare the performance of the MacBook Pro 16-inch and the MacBook Pro 15-inch, the difference is not much notable at first glance. But that does not mean that the new version of the Pro series did not come with any improvement, so buying the 15 inches would not be regarded as a wise option presumed the prices are also similar for the base model of the newer series. However, in terms of media playback, this difference gets a lot bigger. This means that any photos you watch on its screen or any videos you play will have an amazing quality to start with.

Audio Testing

The audio speakers coming from Dolby company are also highly performative in the case. The laptop comes with a high number of six speakers in total. It enables the laptop to give off the ever wanted bass sounds having impressive vibrations. As a result, you get that smooth quality, booming sound without any distortion. The sound produced with this technology comes with impressive clarity when compared to speakers of small sizes. Most laptops come with a fragile sound system; you would not get that issue with this booming sound system on this laptop. On testing, the laptop could produce a volume high enough to fill in the whole room with no lagging in quality.

This is why listening to songs, streaming videos, and watching movies and shows can become a great experience through using MacBook Pro 16-inch. There is also a good stereo separation with a wider soundstage. So, you can actually feel that you are listening to sounds from two speakers based outside of your device apart from each other. This virtual sounding effect with the surround feature takes the auditory performance of this laptop to a whole new level.

A lot many professionals in the music industry have to carry around professional speakers with them or headphones to carry out different tasks like sound editing, but with the MacBook Pro 16-inch, they would not feel the need to do so. So, in terms of sound quality, this has to be the best laptop yet in the market. In this regard, Apple has done a highly impressive job.

Also, there is a microphone array in the laptop, which gives off highly clear audio to be recorded. So, you would not need to get any external microphones when you are out and about with the MacBook Pro 16-inch in your hand. This pretty much compensates for the need to plug in external devices for audio and storage. So, even when the new MacBook Pro 16-inch lacks variety in terms of its ports, this does not make a pretty big deal for the majority of people.

MacBook Pro 16-inch Battery Performance

The laptop comes with a pretty impressive battery performance in comparison to laptops running on Windows. Now, we could expect this laptop to be a bit lagging or worse, disappointing in terms of its battery, given its powerful display, audio, and performance, but you will be happy to know that you would not need to be disappointed in terms of its battery as well. Apple has worked a lot in improving the battery life of its products, especially its laptops, and by far, it has pretty much managed to push the battery life of its newest model – MacBook Pro 16-inch – to be the best in terms of battery when compared to its previous versions.

While the MacBook Pro 15-inch had a battery life of 10 hours and 40 minutes, this version lasts up to 11 hours and 41 minutes to the most on testing with a high definition video and screen brightness. The older version passed this test through only 7 hours and a half more with no need for a charger. Although the battery performance essentially depends on the types of tasks and the burden you put through your activity, the overall signs in terms of its battery are highly positive. This is where its rival Razer Blade 15 seriously lagged by getting its battery all consumed in just 5 hours and 28 minutes to the maximum – obviously not a good impression for people who are expecting their laptops to work maximum around the clock. The winner is obvious in this regard.

Final Word

We hope this Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch review shed light on all the things you needed to know about the models in terms of its pricing, functionality, and display.
Let us know If you have any questions or suggestions about MacBook Pro 16 inch. Share your thoughts in the comments section!
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