AirPods Pro is in huge Demand That Apple is Doubling the Production

A report  from Bloomberg clarified that the new AirPods Pro are experiencing “much higher” demand than expected. According to another report from Nikkei Asian Review, Apple is doubling the production of the Airpods Pro to at least 2 million units a month.

The report also says that the manufacturers like Luxshare and Chinese manufacturers like Goertek has been asked by apple to boost production of the regular Airpods at their Vietnam-based factories. Although the asked quantity to be managed is still unclear.



Since the newly manufactured Airpods Pro are estimated for delivery around 31 December via Apple’s online store in the United States. Therefore, it is not guaranteed that the orders which are placed today will arrive in time for Christmas. However, the authorized resellers still quote delivery within the first week of December.

These resellers include Amazon, Best Buy, AT&T and T-Mobile. One of the resellers Amazon is even offering a bit of discount on the AirPods Pro for Black Friday at $234.98, a savings of $15.

At the moment, the world’s best selling wireless earphones are AirPods with increasing popularity since their release in late 2016. The driving force behind the growth of Apple’s wearables category are Apple watch and the earphones. These products alone set new fourth quarter revenue records worldwide.

AirPods Pro offers various improved features as compared to the regular AirPods, which includes active noise cancellation, improved sound quality and water resistance.

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