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Adobe depicts a road map of features for Photoshoot on the iPad


Since Adobe has released a Photoshop on the IPad, it has taken a lot of heat as photoshop for the IPad is not feature-complete as most of the users were hoping. It was expected to be a full version of photoshop like a desktop edition on Apple tablet OS for the first time. Adobe has been very cautious and warned earlier that it would release an in-development version of photoshop for iPad and adding extra features as it goes. To deal with the customer criticism, Adobe is adding some extra clarity to its product roadmap. 

During the last months of 2019, Adobe is planning to release a few features which should improve the everyday experience of working with Adobe Photoshop on iPad. The first feature to be released is “Select Subject”, which will definitely go a long way in addressing the issue of absence of the so called “Magic Wand” selection tool. The “Select Subject” feature works with Adobe’s Sensei AI tech to automatically select the subject from a selection box. This feature is live in desktop version and works perfectly. Moreover, to create compositions, it also allows you to pick out objects and mask them or move them for  manipulation. If this sing feature is released on iPad and works well then it would go a long way in making it a very effective tool for creative professionals. 

Another significant feature Adobe is planning to ship this year is introducing a speedier and optimised version of cloud documents system which is introduced for Adobe Creative Cloud alongside Photoshop for iPad.  Due to these improvements, the upload and download will be fast for all PSD files stored as cloud documents which in return could make working across platforms even better. 

In 2020, there are a lot of interesting features to be released for iPad photoshop. The list includes key elements like “Refine Edge” brush which improved the selection of fine detailed textural elements like hair to fur. For anyone who is looking to do a creative composition work on the iPad which they normally do on desktop this feature could be useful. Another feature to be released in 2020 are curves for making tonal adjustments. Moreover, non destructive adjustment tools which are layer based will also be released. The IPad photoshop will also have brush sensitivity and canvas rotation in the coming year. 

To bring better parity with adobe desktop software, Lightroom integration for Photoshop will be introduced in 2020. This will allow the users to edit RAW files in Lightroom and then directly switch over to Photoshop which will make doing further edits within the same workflow easy.  

This is most definitely not the whole list of all the features and improvements Adobe is planning to release for iPad photoshop. Moreover, Adobe is asking its users to provide feedback about feature additions and improvements via its official user feedback tool.



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