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5 best Virtual Reality Headsets to buy in 2020

Oculus: Rift S

If you really want to enhance your experience of Virtual Reality Games, then you really need to invest in a good quality Virtual Reality Headsets. When it comes to buying VR headsets, its not the price or the brand that’s important. The only thing that matters is what you want to get out of your VR headset. Due to the importance of Virtual Reality Headsets in VR Games, we have round up 5 best Virtual Reality Headsets for you. We hope that after reading this review, you can decide which headset can meet your requirements and how it can enhance your VR experience.

Oculus: Rift S and Quest

Oculus: Rift S

In the beginning of VR, the Oculus Rift was one of the major names, and it is still a major player in the game of both a tethered and standalone headset. The Oculus Rift is the tethered handset which connects to your PC via DisplayPort and gives you access to a wide selection of VR games on your PC through the Oculus Store and SteamVR. It does not have any external cameras. This VR has a pair of outward-facing cameras which are responsible for motion tracking, which means that you will have to deal with fewer cables.

On the other hand, the Oculus Quest, is all in one headset, which has Snapdragon 835 processor. Ok I admit that it can not nearly match the processing power of Rift S tethered to a PC, but it also works without cables at all and completely supports DOF motion tracking with dual motion controllers. The software selection of Oculus Quest is definitely not the same as the PC-based Rift S or the Oculus Store, but it still works with various experiences including Beat Saver and Superheat VR. Do you know about new VR platform called Spatial? It is an innovative new VR teleconferencing service which is free for consumers and guess what? This Oculus Quest can use Spatial, is it not a great feature?

Oculus Go was a much simpler and less expensive standalone Virtual Reality Headset, but unfortunately Oculus discontinued it. This headset offered a solid taste of VR at a price of £200 and had only 3DOF (three degrees of freedom) motion sensing with a single directional remote.

Sony PlayStation VR

Sony PlayStation VR

As Sony is backing development for PlayStation VR, therefore it is compelling, affordable as compared to other gaming PCs. To start playing VR games, all you need to have is a PlayStation 4, headset and a PlayStation camera. These days most of the PlayStation VR bundles includes PlayStation cameras.

There are few extraordinary VR games available on PlayStation VR which are Moss, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Five Nights etc. You won’t need to use motion controls as many PlayStation VR games work with DualShock 4. Still, motion controls are the are where PlayStation VR still needs improvements. The headset is still employing the wands which were used in PlayStation 3 era. Moreover, these wands are not comfortable as the Oculus Touch controllers. On top of that they are really expensive and are mostly not included in PlayStation VR bundles.

It looks like that there will be a new collaboration between PlayStation VR and PlayStation5. Sony has not announced any new VR headsets, although PS5 will come with a new camera accessary which hopefully will enable PlayStation VR.

HTC Vive Cosmos

HTC Vive Cosmos

We all know that the upgraded version of Vive Headset is HTC’s Vive Cosmos. It has higher resolution and replaces the external base station with outward-facing cameras which are used for motion tracking. The HTC Vive Cosmos Elite VR Headset is available at PC Curry for £549. Although it is a whole-room VR package but it is still expensive than Oculus Rift S which provides same experience and performance. Moreover, if you want to buy the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite VR Headset bundle with controllers then its current price is £898.99

To augment how it follows the gamer’s head and motion controllers, Vive Cosmos Elite has brought back external base stations. The Vive works just like Oculus Rift S and has its very own software store in the form of Viveport. This Viveport offers Viveport Infinity membership which provides unlimited access to all the VR experiences on subscription basis rather than one time software purchases.

Valve Index

If you think the HTC Vive Cosmos is expensive, Valve’s own PC-tethered VR headset, the Valve Index, costs $999 if you buy everything you need for it to work (except the computer, of course). You can save some money by reusing your HTC Vive base stations, cutting the price down to $749, or get only the headset (and provide your own motion controllers and base stations) for $499. Those are hard prices to swallow, even if the Index sports a notably higher 120Hz refresh rate than most of its competitors (with an experimental 144Hz mode), and the controllers feature an advanced grip system for more natural, precise interaction. We have yet to test the Valve Index.

Valve’s very own Pc-tethered VR headset also known as Valve Index is very expensive as compared to HTC Vive Cosmos and is priced at £689. If you want to buy a whole Valve Index kit with controllers then it will cost you £919.00

Windows Mixed Reality

hp reverb g2

Microsoft has been busy in promoting its partnership with various VR headset manufacturers as its main goal is to launch a Windows 10-ready (Mixed Reality) headsets series. The distinction between Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality headsets is still confusing, but we are hoping that it shows an integration of augmented reality (AR) technology with a cameras on the helmet.

Microsoft Mixed Reality Headset has good hardware and the setup is very simple. But if you look at the position tracking then you will find that its not as accurate as the tethered headsets with external sensors. Moreover, Windows Mixed Reality store does not include many compelling VR experiences as compared to Rift and Steam VR stores. Although you will be able to use Steam VR games on Windows Mixed Reality Headsets but after doing some hard work on software. The latest upcoming model of Windows Mixed Reality headsets is HP Reverb G2 whose delivery will start in September 2020.

Our final Verdict on which one is best?

We have tried and tested these VR headsets for you and have come up with one which is our favourite based on its performance and functionality. We agree that  other gamers have various opinions which we really encourage and hope to see in the comments. But for now our vote goes to Oculus: Rift S.

Let us know If you have any questions or suggestions about best virtual reality headsets to buy in 2020. Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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