5 Best Chanel Watches to Buy in 2020

5 Best Chanel Watches to Buy in 2020

Chanel itself is a complete introduction. You cannot find a single person who doesn’t know about the chanel in the world of fashion. When it comes to one of the best and most luxurious brands for watches, Chanel’s name always shines on the top.

The introduction of Chanel has managed to amaze its audience with its precision, timeless beauty, and high-quality watches. Therefore, in this article, we will shed light on the 5 best Chanel watches to buy in 2020.

5 Best Chanel Watches to Buy in 2020

Here is a list of 5 best Chanel watches to buy in 2020.

1.    Chanel J12·20 Watch:

Chanel J12

In celebration of the two successful decades of its classic timepiece J12, the chanel has released its limited-edition J12.20 watch. You will fall in love with its versatility, optimal precision, incredible lightweight and timeless style. Chanel watch J12 has revolutionized the world of watches since its launch in 2001.

To give it a unique look, J12.20 is embossed with special polished rhodium-plated motifs along with a touching tribute to Coco Chanel’s favorite camellia. Come with a highly resistant steel and ceramic case; it is available in two sizes; 33 mm and 38 mm. Moreover, each piece contains words “20 Years Limited to 2020” carved on their black case.

The primary feature of the watch is its unidirectional rotating frame along with motifs. Actually, these motifs represent twenty different symbols from Maison Chanel, including a bottle of N°5 perfume, a 2.255 bag, and a tweed jacket. Its dial contains twelve brilliant-cut diamonds. Chanel watch J12 price is $7,750.


  • Material: White ceramic steel
  • Bezel: Unidirectional rotating steel bezel
  • Crown: Highly resistant steel crown
  • Strap: White ceramic bracelet with steel triple-folding buckle
  • Caliber: Caliber 12.1

2.    Chanel Premiere Velours Watch

Chanel Premiere Velours Watch

2019 marks the welcome of a new member of Chanel Premier collection, Première Velours. This masterpiece contains an 18-carat gold case along with a black velvet-touch rubber strap to spellbind its viewers. It is available with a dial set containing 116 brilliant-cut diamonds.  It is a perfect blend of high jewelry and horology.

This is one of its kind pieces that use Japanese cultured pearls, square motifs set, and faceted onyx beads for embellishment. Premier Velours is one of the best Chanel watches for women due to its delicate and versatile design. Therefore, it can look good on any wrist.

It is simple yet elegant with a complete feminine design. It uses highly precise quartz movement and sapphire crystal glass. Moreover, it comes with 30-meter water resistance, and this Chanel watch price is $4,725.


  • Material: Yellow gold Titanium rubber
  • Buckle Clasps: Ardillon buckle
  • Crown: 18K gold crown with onyx cabochon
  • Strap: black rubber straps with a velvet touch
  • Dial: Black polished dial


3.    Chanel Boyfriend Tweed Watch

Chanel Boyfriend Tweed Watch

Next in the list of Chanel watches is the Boy•Friend Tweed watch. Initially released in 2015, Chanel’s Boyfriend series takes its inspiration from the octagonal premier watch with a more masculine touch. Boyfriend watches are a perfect blend of restraint and boldness. Moreover, it radically elegant designs try to thin a line between masculine and feminine styles.

This unlimited line is definitely a must buy in 2020 if you want an elegant watch without gender segregation. It comes with a clean and pure design, whereas its case tries to reincarnate the octagonal shape of Premier.  Besides, it has a straight and rectangular form bezel to give a bolder appearance.

This timeless piece features guilloche opaline dial with onyx set crown and sapphire crystal. It uses a black alligator strap, but you can also order colors like red, white, or navy blue. It comes in two different sizes; 34.60 mm and 37 mm. Both of its sizes are available in 18K white gold with brilliant-cut diamonds. Its price is $4,200.


  • Material: Steel leather Tweed
  • Case: Steel case
  • Bezel: Steel bezel
  • Crown: Steel crown with a black spinel cabochon
  • Strap: Leather straps
  • Dial: Black and silver tweed fabric

4.    Chanel Monsieur Watch:

Chanel Monsieur Watch

Chanel Monsieur watch is one of the best Chanel watches for men in 2020. The introduction of the men’s collection by Chanel is truly an iconic movement in the fashion world. Monsieur de Chanel is the first men’s dedicated Chanel watch collection. The most amazing thing has in-house design and building.

This watch doesn’t stop to amaze you and will look utterly stunning from both the front and back view. It pronounced hours displayed at 6 o’clock.  Moreover, above its hour at 6 o’clock, it has a running second and retrograde minute display. It’s retrograde jumps more than 180 degrees and can be set backward.

This watch will not stop to mesmerize you with its amazing features. Coming with a beautiful central bridge and star-shaped balance wheel, this watch is a must to buy. It has a stunning and frankly, looks rear and its price is $59,600.


  • Material: Platinum alligator
  • Case: Platinum case
  • Bezel: Steel bezel
  • Crown: Platinum crown and ardillon buckle
  • Strap: Black alligator straps
  • Dial: Enamel dial and rhodium-plated hands


5.    Chanel Montre Mademoiselle Privé Camélia Brodé:

Chanel Montre Mademoiselle Privé Camélia Brodé:

Lastly, in the list of best Chanel watches in 2020, we have Chanel Montre Mademoiselle Prive Camelia Broden. It contains Chanel’s first embroidered dial using colored silk and taking inspiration from camellia. The design of the dial uses a unique embroidery technique called needlework painting.

They use silk threads of different colors to produce their shades of colors on camellia design on black fabric. It has the honor to showcase Chanel’s first embroidery know-how in the watch. Moreover, it comes with an automatic movement and 42 hours of power reserve.

This jewelry watch collection of the Chanel showcases Mademoiselle’s favorite element, which she loves around herself.  It has a water resistance of 30 meters.


  • Material: White gold set with diamonds
  • Case: 18K white gold case with 60 brilliant-cut diamonds
  • Strap: Black satin straps with 18K white gold folding clasp
  • Dial: Embroider dial by Maison Lesage using colored silk threads.

Final Words

We have brought to you the 5 best Chanel watches to buy in 2020. You can choose the one based on your liking and considering their features.

Let us know If you have any questions or suggestions about best chanel watches of 2020! Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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