5 Artificial Intelligence applications in our daily life

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Hi today I’m here to talk about artificial intelligence. In simple words artificial intelligence is an intelligence which is demonstrated by machines rather than humans or animals and involves consciousness and emotionality. AI is a branch of computer science that focuses on the development of artificial machines to make them think and work like humans. In simple words of piece of computer code which can simulate human intelligence is known as artificial intelligence. We will talk about Artificial Intelligence applications in our daily life.

Can we recognise it?

Yes we can definitely recognise artificial intelligence in our daily life basically our daily life is full of examples of artificial intelligence. we just need to look carefully to observe and recognise them following on a few examples of artificial intelligence applications in our daily life.

5 Artificial Intelligence applications in our daily life


Alexa is based on a conversational Artificial Intelligence. The Conversational AI system are systems that can interact with people by having a conversation. Alexa is a conversational AI, voice-enabled device and is able to  do magical interactions we’ve dreamed of for decades. It uses voice user interface (VUI) and can communicate with you in ways that feel effortless, solve problems, and get smarter over time. You can ask Alexa to do almost anything like Add a reminder. create a grocery list, play your favourite music and many more.


There are many examples of AI in Tesla, for example Hydranet. What is Hydranet? Let say that the car is not in motion e.g. at a crossroads, there are about 100+ tasks at that given time that needs to be done. It is quite expensive and inefficient to use a neural network for each task. The Tesla AI processes huge amount of information in real time. Therefore, the Computer Vision workflow runs all such tasks on a ResNet-50 (shared backbone). This ResNet-50 is capable to run 1000×1000 images at a time. This shared backbone of neural networks ResNet-50 is called a Hydranet.

There are multiple instances of such Hydranets performing the AI processing for the vehicle. All the recurrent tasks are solved by using the information gathered from each hydranet. For example, there is a Hydranet to run these tasks separately, like handling pedestrians, dealing with stop signs or checking traffic. This Hydranet architecture is based on the methodology that every one of these tasks needs only a few portions of the huge neural network.


One of the most popular and common application of artificial intelligence is Siri. Siri is on AppleSpell assistant it is a friendly voice activated computer that can interact with us on a daily basis it helps us find various kind of information add events to our calendars, helps us to send a message and so on. It is a pseudo-intelligent digital personal assistant which uses machine learning to get smarter and better. AI helps Siri to predict and understand our natural-language questions and requests.


Netflix has been using Artificial Intelligence to personalise content recommendation for years. It uses your watching history to find other users sharing similar interests, then it suggests you what you may be more interested in watching next. All of this to ensure that you as a customer stay engaged and continue your monthly subscription. This personalisation system of Netflix is an algorithm that learns as it collects data.


The Amazon is continuously applying Artificial Intelligence to better understand their customer’s search queries and the main reason behind these searches. They are an Ecommerce company and their main goal is to make relevant recommendations to its customers. It is extremely imperative for a Ecommerce company like them to understand which products their customers searched for and why they chose these products. If you open any product on your amazon and scroll down the webpage, you will see that they show you which other products can be bought together with this item. They show you what other people are buying along with your selected product. All of this is done by AI. Their algorithm learns the purchasing patterns of other people, analyse them and as a result give you such suggestions.

All in all, if we don’t notice we might miss many examples of AI in our daily life. Even a simple human being who does not know anything about AI is using applications that are based on Artificial Intelligence.


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