5 AI Industry Top Companies and Their Products

5 AI Industry Top Companies and Their Products

Almost all businesses are incorporating Artificial Intelligence into their organizations. Some of the companies have come out as leaders in Artificial Intelligence technology. With the leverage of cloud computing, different companies for technology combine different innovations to make themselves more competitive than others in the market. The first and foremost in this regard is machine learning. The leading firms in AI use different technicalities ranging from predictive analytics to the data tools for warehouse, deep learning, and business intelligence.

Before checking out the 5 AI top companies, it is essential to acknowledge how Artificial Intelligence companies attract high investment from capitalist firms and venture giant organizations such as Google and Microsoft. The research for Academic AI is still in its growing phases – and AI vacancies are also opening across different industries.

5 AI Top Companies and Their Products

Let’s see 5 AI top companies that are considered as the leaders in the market regarding Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Amazon Web Services

5 AI Industry Top Companies and Their Products

Amazon Web Services, with its leadership in the world of cloud computing, provides client and business-oriented products and services in the Artificial Intelligence field. The Amazon Echo gets the AI to home use with the help of speech recognition technology named Alexa. For the Amazon Web Services, the services mainly include the following:

  1. Lex – Alexa like form more suitable for business use
  2. Polly – text turning to speech
  3. Rekognition – services for image recognition

The company website claims that the services operate different zones for availability in 42 categories – these are the data centers having different redundant powers for connectivity and networking, all placed in different facilities. The data centers run in 19 geographical areas with the idea to expand to at least three more areas in the coming years.

  1. Google Cloud Services

5 AI Industry Top Companies and Their Products

When talking about the 5 top companies, we cannot skip the role Google plays in the innovation of AI in different sectors. Google is inevitably the leading company when it comes to data analytics, and it invests heavily in artificial intelligence to extract better capabilities in the technology.

Not only it works for improving different services related to AI, but also the Google Cloud distributes different machine learning services and AI services to different business sectors. TensorFlow also houses a software project in the name of the company, and also, there is a separate Tensor Artificial Intelligence chip project. The company also claims that the clouding services it provides to the customers have affordable pricing schemes, which are on average 60 percent lesser for a lot of workloads in comparison to other brands. However, some of the pricing plans change frequently.

  1. IBM Cloud Services

5 AI Industry Top Companies and Their Products

IBM is known for its huge innovations in the world of Artificial Intelligence since 1950. The company has launched a cognitive service based on artificial intelligence and has launched a scale-out infrastructure created to deliver data analytics based on AI. The purchasing of numerous startups in the technology has been an acquisitive approach for the business among a lot of years.

 An astute cloud platform gives it a huge advantage over others in the market. The IBM Cloud comes as a category to the IBM services and gives software, hardware, and other services to different businesses interested in making clouds and other public cloud services, such as Bluemix. The services were used to reserve IBM’s PaaS services in the name of developers; however, the Bluemix now also comes with IaaS services for the customers. 

  1. Microsoft Azure

5 AI Industry Top Companies and Their Products

Microsoft takes no back seat when it comes to 5 AI top companies mentioned. Not only the company has different IT and business projects for Artificial Intelligence, but also it comes with consumer-oriented services. For example, it has a built-in digital assistant called Cortona that comes with the Windows operating system and is accessible for all mobile phones, including the Windows Phone. The Chatbot Zo takes user-friendliness to a whole new level through its casual voice service. The Azure Cloud Service provides different services under the umbrella of Microsoft, which include machine learning, cognitive services, and bot services. 

According to observations, the Azure Cloud Service is the second-largest service provider for IaaS and PaaS following the Amazon Web Services. The high popularity is celebrated among many enterprises dispersed geographically. These especially include enterprises using Microsoft software. 

  1. Alibaba Cloud Service

5 AI Industry Top Companies and Their Products

Alibaba Cloud is the leading cloud computing service across Asia that gives customers an innovative AI platform using machine learning. More importantly, the service platform comes with better user-friendliness in the form of a visual interface. This way, organizations can easily drag and drop different subjects in the canvas and assemble the AI functionality accordingly. Algorithm component scores are also included in the platform, which easily handles the chores. It enables clients to have templates to solve different problems. The cloud computing platform came out of the IT infrastructure created for supporting the retail business on the online platform. The business strategy of Alibaba is quite in line with the strategy of Amazon. 

The cloud list for the services provided by the company is long, and it rivals against different companies like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. The services have made huge investing points in the world of AI development and research, and it provides advanced data analytics services. 

Final Word

These companies are the leaders in the AI service provision to a number of businesses in almost all sectors. However, the choices for cloud computing services are not limited to these AI giants and expand to a number of other names in the market as well. These names include AlphaSense, Casetext, Icertis, Zebra Medical Vision, Bossa Nova Robotics, Flatiron Health, and many others. All these and others integrate different services for AI and make sure different businesses are getting benefits from the detailed services and features these companies provide to them. We hope this article gave you an insight into the 5 AI top companies leading the market.

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