3 Challenges of UAVs Development.

challenges of uav

New advanced technology have enabled UAVs to be extremely useful and reliable in various applications in military and civil domains. UAVs have shown their agility and stability in the air while performing various tasks and responsibilities effectively. In todays world, UAV communication have become an important field of research. A lot of attention is being paid to improve and secure UAV communications, so that the related missions or tasks are not attacked or compromised. Following are some of the significant challenges of UAV development which are  faced while making UAV communication effective.

Challenges of UAV development:

Path Planning

One of the most significant challenges of UAV development is its  Path planning. For UAV to reach its desired target while maximising the security, its path planning in adversarial areas is very important. Without path planning, any UAV could get lost or get into an accident. Although the path planning of UAVs is extremely complicated, but if one knows the threats will will be encountered , then a safe path can be planned by implying an optimisation problem. If there is a doubt about the information one has, then an alternate approach should be taken.

Obstacle Detection:

Another significant challenge in planning a path for a UAV is the obstacle detection. Now a days, UAV can imply various image processing techniques and sensors to detect all sorts of obstacles and avoid them. But knowing what techniques to use in which areas is important. Researchers are encouraged to work on obstacle detection by UAVs so that an effective path planning can be done.

Research ideas:

There are many algorithms which are designed to optimise the path planning for UAVs. Engineering students across the world who are interested in doing research could chose the path planning algorithms as their project and work on improving the already developed algorithms. This topic can be a very good Masters or PHD research project.



 Energy Efficiency:

UAVs has made huge progress in the past and are now being used in both military and civil domains. But at the same time, they can’t meet the huge and complex missions with limited energy resources. One of many challenges of UAV development is to make sure that they are energy efficient and are able to complete tasks with low energy consumption.

Ways to improve Efficiency:

To improve the overall efficiency, UAVS should use various task reallocation methods and real time path planning. Task reallocation could reduce the extra time and resources spent on unnecessary tasks. Similarly, real time path planning could reduce the extra resources used in recovering from issues created by a pre planned path. For example, there may be a new obstacle in pre planned path and UAV could not avoid it resulting in an accident and then spending much needed resources in recovering a UAV. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that a UAV is energy efficient and is able to take on complex missions.

Performance Analysis:

To make any system durable and effective, it is extremely important to keep an eye on its performance. Among other challenges of UAV development, Performance Analysis of UAVs is very important and complex. As one need to make sure that they are gathering the data of its flying, energy resources and communication metrics. This data should be analysed and then researchers should aim to improve the path planning and energy efficiency of the UAV based on the collected data.

All in all these are 3 challenges which we think are faced by researchers to develop the reliable and secure UAVs. Apart from that if you want to get your hand on drones, then we have accumulated a list of 3 Best Drones to buy in 2020. You can buy any one of these drones as flying them is a cinch.

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